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Premier Coaching is proud to announce our new sponsor Mark Peterson with Advocare.


I was introduced to AdvoCare in February of 2013 by a friend. Prior to AdvoCare, my energy levels were low and my overall health was average. I tried Spark (Mandarin Orange) and it was enough for me to evaluate this company further. I did the 24 Day Challenge and initially lost 15 pounds. Afterward, I continued on products on top of a strict workout regiment and lost another 20 pounds. I switched to the Performance Elite line and have packed on 18 pounds of lean muscle. 

The Advocare products are amazing! I feel 10 years younger, my overall health is better than before and I have more energy to dispose of at my leisure. Spark was the catalyst to start my journey towards a better healthy lifestyle, what’s yours going to be? 

If you want to Look Better, Feel Better and Perform Better, then AdvoCare is the course of action I strongly recommend taking. Let me be the Spark in your life and take charge of your health now. 

Lets start on a 24 Day Challenge! Can you 24?